4×4 Trips Fiji


 One of my Fiji 4×4 Trips – 1

This photo was taken during a 4×4 Fiji cross country trip, a family event, 2 vehicles, 8 people.

The trip was from Suva via the east coast (Kings Road) to Tavua, a 5 hr casual, great scenic driving experience.

The next day we took the cross country road just before Tavua that goes into the interior of Fiji.

For more information please contact me on navinnand@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “4×4 Trips Fiji

  1. We did that in 2009 and the road was never ending. Stopped to asked someone walking along the road as to how far Tavua was and we got 2 hours as reply which we also got from another person after two hours of driving. We drove into someone’s yard by mistake and it was a cool 11am morning with residents having a lay down. Whole trip was full of fun.We stopped at Tavua Hotel for a night and requested the chef for fresh eggplant and roti for dinner which we spotted in the garden.

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