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My MBA – MIS Class

Session 4 – 3rd December 2011
I am totally new to blogging, but I am glad I am getting into it as part of my MBA programme. Today’s session requires me to create a meaningful blog that relates to my MBA MIS class.
I am sure this will help me broaden my knowledge on IT/MIS and how the new innovations in technology and the internet open doors for infinite possibilities.

4×4 Trips Fiji


 One of my Fiji 4×4 Trips – 1

This photo was taken during a 4×4 Fiji cross country trip, a family event, 2 vehicles, 8 people.

The trip was from Suva via the east coast (Kings Road) to Tavua, a 5 hr casual, great scenic driving experience.

The next day we took the cross country road just before Tavua that goes into the interior of Fiji.

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